From Legacy to the Cloud. Together.

hybrid IT gives you the right combination of public cloud, SaaS and on-premise IT in an all-in-one solution

public & private cloud on one seamless platform

single pane of glass

Single pane of glass

Monitor and manage performance, security, compliance, costs and plan capacity across multiple cloud providers.


Cross platform automation

Automate the provisioning, configuration, and management of your cloud-based infrastructure independent of the cloud provider.

self service

Embrace self-service

Offer developers a self-service interface to consume services and deploy apps to different cloud platforms more easily.

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why choose econocom

we help you draw up a roadmap and strategy to integrate and optimize the cloud’s existing complexity. 


econocom = 1 partner + 1 end-to-end solution

we combine industry-leading software from our partners

to bring together legacy platforms and the new world of DevOps into one solution

Looking for a Belgian Alternative to Public Cloud Giants that takes Compliance & Security Seriously?

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