Highly Exposed to Cyber-Attacks with Industry 4.0. Time to React.

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Cyber Security Quick Assessment

You are probably looking for a way to quickly and easily verify your company's security status. Do you want to get insight into your vulnerabilities, based on real data? Download our Cyber Security Assessment brochure and learn:

Become Cyber Resilient with Econocom

At Econocom, we help companies make the best out of their infrastructure. What would be the impact on your business if you got attacked by ransomware? Would you pay a 7-Figure amount to get your business back up? If you refuse to pay, you may suffer millions of euros worth of damages with your production lines being shut down for weeks like Picanol and Asco. Econocom can help you be better secured with our assessment & recommendations but should you choose to go the extra mile against more sophisticated DDOS, malwares and ransomwares, we have solutions for that too.